HH-60J "Jayhawk" info needed

Need to find a suitable kit for my USCG son. I find many
Blackhawk/Seahawk kits, but none mention Coast Guard markings. Many
look like the conversion would be beyond his skills. So I have a few
1. Is there a kit that can be easily converted to the USCG
configuration or is there an aftermarket conversion available?
2. Do any of the kits have USCG decals or are there any after-market
decals for USCG Jayhawks?
3. Has anyone out there done this?
My son is stationed at CG Station Cordova AK and wants to build some
models of the aircraft that come in and out of there for display at
the unit. A Dolphin I can get him, a C-130 I have, but my searches
have not been hopeful on the HH-60.
John Alger
IPMS 10906
Charlotte Scale Modelers
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My helicopter knowledge is rudimentary (at best!). What I do know is all 1/48th oriented.
I understand what you're saying in regard to modeling skills, but I think he'll have to convert the Italeri SH-60B with Cobra's "J" kit. Take a look and see what you think:
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USCG decals can come from:
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Also see:
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Kevin Carroll
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Check the Hawkeye Models site for conversions. They had a conversion kit (CS-5) in 1/72 if that's your scale.
You might want to check out the Helicopter forums on Aircraft Resouce Center and HeliKit News.
Cheers Ultan
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Ultan Rooney

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