Hydraulic Oil and Copper Corrosion (spindle oil)

I just got a gallon of Mobil DTE 25 (which I found out is described as a hydraulic oil). Viscosity ISO 46. I wanted to use this on my 13" south bend lathe. The oil came in a second hand container and on the container a hand written warning states that this oil will corrode brass.

I went to the mobil website and saw that they have a spec for copper corrosion with a ASTM D 130 standard and they state that it has a "1B" result. I went to the ASTM site and found out that the standard requires you to immerse a copper strip in the test oil which is heated to a certain temp for 3 hours and then the strip needs to be examined for corrosion. However to find out what a test result of "1B" means, but you have to purchase the active standard for $9.

Is "1B" a test result of no corrosion to copper? Will this oil be harmful to copper and its alloys? Brass, bronze, monel? Just curious.

Aloha, Russell

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russell shigeoka
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Had a problem on a power station steam turbine once with corrosion of copper or brass strainers by an oil additive. You end up with some water in the oil in steam turbines and it was the combination of moisture and additive in this case. I have a feeling that we changed TO DTE Light, rather than from it, I will try and remember to look it up when I am in the office on Monday.

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