Harrison L5 Headstock Oil?

Morning all,
Now the 'Great Machine Tool move' has been completed and I have the
tools back in
some sort of order I feel I should do a bit of maintainance...
My L5 has not had its oil changed in at least 5 years, probably a lot
so I think that maybe I should change it. Of course I dont have a
manual, so
I dont know what oil to use (this is in the headstock gears)
I was thinking of using EP90 gear oil, does this sound reasonable?
If not what should I use?
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dave sanderson
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Don't use any EP oil if you have any brass or bronze in the headstock ...it corrodes them .. its usual to put hydraulic oil in them ... the correct grade of hydraulic for my smart and brown is a turbine oil and is Mobil dte light which is considerably thinner than ep90.
thick oil isn't needed ...
all the best.mark
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Mark is correct, you want a hydraulic oil. Something like Shell Tellus would be fine, either Tellus 27 or 33, which are hydraulic oils. Tellus 27 has an ISO viscosity grade of 32. An alternative would be Mobil DTE24, or Castrol Hyspin AWS32. I've got a slightly leaky headstock, so I'm using a slightly thicker slideway oil in my headstock, but I'd recommend you start with the Hydraulic oils.
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Where are you based? I had to buy a huge drum to get new oil for my Colchester. I guess it would be similar, or even exactly the same stuff for yours. I've enough for about 100 years of personal use so you can have some if you come with some containers
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Too late, but you should get hydraulic fluid in shops where they do tractor (agricultural machines) repair. Anyhow, I too do have 20l. Munich isn't that much a farmers domain. :-)
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Nick Mueller
You can get these oils (and slideway oils) from Hallett Oils in 1 or 5 litre cans at a fairly reasonable price.
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Thats very kind, Im based near J23 of the M1, Leicestershire.
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dave sanderson

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