I've been gone for 3 months and still 8 of 10 messages are spam

Pete Stanaitis
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Pete S
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Hi Pete,
Welcome back.
They sometime carry on a bit, don't they.
Name calling and insulting each other.
As Shakespeare called it, "a tempest in a teapot". (Much ado about nothing).
It's just that the politically oriented don't have to follow the boring rules. (Especially if they don't want to)
That's for chumps.
What have you been off doing?
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Spam? I never see spam here. Only spam I see are for technical manuals and then very regularly.
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Gunner Asch
Welcome back. Sigh, RCM certainly isn't the group it used to be.
I use Agent and a large kill filter file. Don't see that much spam this way.
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Karl Townsend
Because you do a bad job setting up your filters.
Try killfiling all crossposts, you will be pleasantly surprised.
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Well, it makes a good prima facie case that the cause of the spam isn't you...
it's a GOOD thing
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So, you left and thought things would get BETTER? The more we keep on-topic, the more it drowns out the idiots, or at least gives us something of actual interest to read.
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Jon Elson

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