1902 E book on hardening, tempering, and forging of steel

A friend just sent me this link to an online book he just found in the
Google library that you may find of interest. The name of the book is
?Hardening, Tempering, Annealing and Forging of Steel, A Treatise on the
Practical Treatment and Working of High and Low Grade Steel? by Joseph
V. Woodworth, copyright 1902. It is about 288 pages long and the book
is now in the public domain and may be downloaded at:
formatting link

The book treats only plain carbon steels and "nickel steel".
If you are into plain carbon steels, this is the book for you.
Now, for those listeners who are upside down all the time, it is
sort of an "American" history book on steels, but interesting, all the
And, if you read it carefully, you can start to see why ships sank when
they hit icebergs and bridges colapsed often back in them thar days.
It's something over 13 megabytes in its pdf format.
Pete Stanaitis
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Thanks Pete, My heads getting sore from standing on it all the time..... :-)
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