GLOAT and what's P20 tool steel

I just bought the entire tool steel inventory at a mold making shop
auction. 1000 lbs. of 4140, A2, D2, H13, S7, 420 stainless, O1, W1
and P20. Also about 2000 lbs. of 1018 and Cold Rolled and 1000 lbs.
of Aluminum, several grades.
I've looked up all the steels in my "Heat treatment, selection, and
application of TOOL STEELS" book. P20 heat treat conditions are given;
harden at 1525 F oil quench. As hardened Rc is listed as 51. The book
also includes a table of tempering results. But no where in the book
is there any info on what application to use this steel for. Anyone
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Karl Townsend
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It's good for making molds- the actual cavities and cores.
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I think some (most?) types of P20 are vacuum cast and have low inclusions and that sort of thing so you can get nice shiny polished surfaces.
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
It"s used as is since it is already heat treated to c28-32 unless its high hard the it will be inthe high 30s.We cut cores and cavities directly in it.It"s a good mold steel Ray Mueller
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A: Air quench D: Die Steel M: Molybdenum (very long production runs, better machinability than T series, although not as robust) O: Oil quench P: Plastic mold S: Shock-resistant H: Hot work T: Tungsten (very long production runs, too brittle for shock applications) W: Water quench
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Robin S.
I alway thought of P20 as "vacuum degassed" 4140.
You will probably want to throw the S7 away, so I will be glad to take it off your hands.
Pete Stanaitis ---------------
Karl Townsend wrote:
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Pete & sheri
P20 is primarily used for making molds, oddly enough.....
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Yea, you're right, but the shipping cost is so high I think I'll just toss it in the ditch to hold down water erosion
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Karl Townsend

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