Induction Heating Precious Metals - Who uses these

I have come across some Pillar Mark 6 Induction heating units. One new, one
slightly used.
I have been trying to find someone who uses this type of equipment, and all
I have found out is that they work very well for the "precious metal guys".
Melting the metal without any flame or heating rods.
Can anyone point me in the right direction on who used these?
Thank you, David
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David Seidel
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I don't know what make it was but I have seen an induction melting unit in the lab at Hoesch steel in Dortmund Germany for the preparation of samples for analysis.
David Seidel wrote:
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David Billington
Are you able to provide more information? How large are the units? 5 KW? 50 KW? 200 KW? Larger? Smaller? At what frequency do they operate? 3,000 Hz? 10,000 Hz? Higher? Lower? Solid state? Motor generator? All of these things, and more, dictate how the furnaces can be used.
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Harold & Susan Vordos

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