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I took an industrial arts class in 7th grade (many years ago). I would like to get some info on projects so I could let my kid try a few of them.

One project I remember was hand engraving aluminum discs, putting wire handles on them to make a serving tray. I don't remember much about it and I don't have the projects anymore. Another project consisted of a letter holder made from wood (thats easy). The front was covered with a copper engraving of some sort. I believe it started as a thin copper sheet with a pattern rubbed into it from the back side.

Any place I can get enough info to start something? thanks chuck

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Charles A. Sherwood
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I'd recommend just looking around at some of the "crafts" peoples' displays - I am totally awed at some of the ideas that are out there. I've seen some very unique and innovative crafts made from very simple materials, ranging from coke bottles to wooden sticks. Maybe your local library would have some "crafting" books to look through. HTH Ken.

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Ken Sterling

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