Injection mold question

If one were to extend the length of the top clamping plate, say 1" on each
end, and extend the ejector plate the same, and bolt a flat bar to each end
of the "A" plate - extended down to the ejector plate when the mold is
A) one could eliminate the return pins and bushings
B) w/o return pins, free up space for water lines &/or inserts
C) use round or square interlocks for plate alignment
Why isn't that a good idea?????
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Might want to post this question over in alt.machines.cnc, as there are several molders/mold designers frequent that group.
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And cross-post to comp.cad.solidworks, for the same reason.
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
What "top clamping plate" ? Most plastic injection moulding machines are horizontal. What's a "clamping plate"? Do you mean the platen?
If it works, it's a good idea (I did something similar). It may hinder ejection and access if the flat bars are in the way when the mould is open, they may stop mouldings from falling out unless you use a robot. It might increase the length of the cycle if the mould has to open further to make more rooms for the mouldings to fall out.
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There are also vertical machines, of which I have worked on. The moving side of the horizontal machine becomes the top side of the vertical machine. Vertical machines are a lot easier to work with when you have to do insert stuff as the bottom half of the mold doesn't move and can have parts put on it to be molded into the plastic with no fear of the part falling out and being crushed into the mold as the mold closes.
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Bob May
From what I've seen, they also tend to have much lower injection and clamp pressure (and thus more suited for injecting the plastics used for molding cables onto connectors and such like).
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
Yeah. And what is going to keep the tool lined up? In order to get the part out after ejection, the tool will have to open beyond the proposed "skirts" pl;us enough for drop-out , and as soon as the edges clear there will be no alignment. Besides, there will be either extreme wear or extreme lube all over the place. Guide pins have multiple purposes.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson

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