KJ model J or ?

I recently purchased a KJ model J saw. Looking over the internet manuals shows that there are two blade widths used, 3/4" or 1". Can either blade width be used on a model J. The parts list shows two different wheels that are used, one for the 3/4" and one for the 1". I can not find a part number on the wheels. I did measure the width of the wheel to the shoulder where the back of the blade approximately rides and it is 11/16". The throat of the 3/4" blade teeth are about even with the bottom edge of the wheel. The 1" blade would therefore be about 1?4" away from this edge. Does anybody have some info on this?

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Sounds like you have a 1" saw. One doesnt normally want the teeth to ride on the wheel..as it screws up the "set" of the blades over time.

My .00 worth. Exactly what its worth.


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Gunner Asch

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