Laser spot for drilling type operation

I want to use a laser spot for a guide for a machine operator to perform a repair operation on a wire brush. The laser will illuminate where the spot repair will be made in either a drilling operation or filling operation. The machine is fully automatic in both drilling and filling with an X-Y table controlled by cams. I will disconnect the table movement and remove the holders to leave a platform with movable hold-down bars. The machine will then have a foot pedal that will perform one revolution thus repairing a bad hole or fill. I thought of using a gun type laser but would prefer a

110v no battery laser. Any ideas for a source that will fill the bill but be cheap? (Plenty of metal working here!)
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Tom Gardner
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Find the cheap laser and buy a cheap wall wart to power it. If you can, find out what the current requirements are for the laser and get the power supply to match. I know that some power cheap power supplies can deliver a higher voltage when hardly loaded down than what the case says. I don't know, but suspect that some of the lasers may not be able to take this higher voltage. The lasers I've taken apart have their own power supply built in so they will still operate as battery voltage drops. This power supply also delivers the power lasers want so this avoids damaging the laser. They are more sensitive to damage than leds. But those cheap plug in power supplies are everywhere. The local thrift store probably has some in a bin. Maybe you can go to a dollar store and get both items. ERS

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Eric R Snow

a typical solid state laser pointer uses two batteries, e.g. 3V, and draws

20 ma or so - try any 3to 3.5 V power supply that you have left over from an old phone or something
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