micro-vu 10" screen

I have what I believe to be an old Micro-Vu 400 optical comparator
(the label is gone). It has a 20x lens, X-Y-Z table, two Federal
gauges, but is lacking the 10" dia. viewing screen/chart. Anyone out
there have one they want to get rid of, or know where I can get one
cheap? I'm not too interested in buying new. Just a 90dg cross hair
is sufficient, though I'd take anything at this point. My goal is to
eventually sell the thing as I have little use for it.
Thanks all.
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Dan Cullimore
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In article , snipped-for-privacy@gte.net says...
If you have access to a CAD program you can draw and plot exactly what you want on mylar drafting film. Make sure the plotter or printer is calibrated before trusting it to be accurate. I used to make overlays for a 30" comparator to inspect the profile of airfoil shaped steam turbine blades this way.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
I sent you an email with a couple of PDFs attached that you can print out onto transparencies and cut out with scissors. Let me know if they don't show up. - GWE
Dan Cullimore wrote:
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Grant Erwin

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