10" Micro Vu Comparator

Does anyone have a manual or other info on the 10" Micro Vu comparator? I may be interested in charts, screens, etc.


Gary Repesh

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Are you sure it's a 10" comparator? I had a 7" 10X MicroVu until recently. It came with no screens so I made up 2 and printed them onto transparency and just cut out the outline with scissors and punched the holes and fastened them to the comparator's screen with the little knurled nuts it was furnished with.


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Grant Erwin

According to FBsFinest :

I have a used one which I am keeping -- with only the 10X lens set. The screen is what came with it, ground glass with cross-hairs, radius lines. and such.

I have no manual for it -- nor did I see a need for one. It is pretty obvious how it is intended to be used -- even to fitting the dial indicators to the two primary axes.

However -- I *believe* them to be currently sold by Fowler, based on ads in the MSC flyers -- they are marked "Fowler", but look like the Micro-Vu. You might post here for attention from Fred Fowler (he posts here regularly) and see what he can do for you.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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