Lathe auto tool changer - which is best

We are looking at CNC lathes and there is a bunch of different layouts
for the tool changers. Having no experience with CNC lathes, we are at
the mercy of the sales staff. What's the plus and minus of the various
Slant bed
Horizontal rotary turret
Vertical rotary turret with axis perpendicular to the spindle
Vertical rotary turret with axis parallel to the spindle
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You'll also want to ask this question on alt.machines.cnc.
Tell them if this is a high-accuracy application. When you get near the limits of lathe accuracy (in the 0.0002" range), differences in tool weight can cause some variation in slant-bed designs. But they're fine for ordinary lathe work.
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Dave, I ran into my garage with the left side of my car. What will it cost to repair? People used to call into the auto body shop with that kind of question and sincerely expect to get a proper estimate. Amazing!
Hint: Does any question above give another person enough details that they can make an informed suggestion for the person asking the question? (Are you making micro-miniature needles or milling castings for giant earthmover axles? Tooling suggestions -may- differ.
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