Link to my WR Smith skeleton clock (finally finished)

Hi Group,
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I built this clock as a 50th anniversary gift for my Parents. I had the
thing up and running (but not polished...still looked good) and I invited
them out to my house last April to see it. My Mom was in the later stages
of Parkinson's, and in a wheelchair. She couldn't get up to take a close
look, but she loved it! My Dad, too.
Soon after, they moved to North Carolina to a retirement community. Sadly,
my Mother was very ill from the start down there and she passed away in
July. I'm just glad she had a chance to see the clock.
It hung on my wall keeping excellent time until just before Christmas. I
was going south to see my Dad over the holiday, so I spent a couple weeks
polishing and lacquering the brass and finishing the walnut base. I
installed the clock on the wall of my Father's apartment the day after
Christmas. He tells me it's running good.
I really enjoyed building the clock. In fact, I got Bill Smith's
Grasshopper Skeleton clock book about a month ago.
I am indebted to many members of r.c.m. for bits of advice I picked up from
you whenever I got stuck along the way. Thanks too, to John Shadle of for answering a couple questions about gear cutting
that had me stumped. It was also from his site that I got the instructions
for building gear cutters. They work great and it's worth a trip to his
site to see his beautiful work.
Thanks all,
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Dave Edwards
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Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing this.
How many hours did it take to complete the project?
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Dave - very well done. Nice way to do the pictures as well!
Martin Eastburn @ home at Lions' Lair with our computer lionslair at consolidated dot net NRA LOH & Endowment Member NRA Second Amendment Task Force Charter Founder
Dave Edwards wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
Sorry. After posting the URL I checked it and found it is not available. I should have checked it first. I got it from some correspondence with WR Smith a little less than one year ago.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
Marvelous work!!
"A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." - Proverbs 22:3
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Bob Smith is quite a character. I needed to call him twice regarding some problems I was having. The second time I called was regarding how heavy I should make the weight tube. I was trying to 'engineer' a solution to the problem. I figured I needed to double the amount of weight needed to just make it run without a pulley (as I was doing during testing), add the pulley and then add a little more weight to be on the safe side. His answer to that was; "Just make the thing as heavy as you can because you never know what the hell's going to happen." Moral? Clock making is not necessarily engineering. Nok
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Dave Edwards

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