Loctite Cleaner Accelerator

I have some ball bearing assemblies that need to be put together with
Loctite , will probably use Loctite No. 271 as it is available locally ,
problem is they recommend using the 7471 Cleaner Accelerator and it's very
expensive to get it shipped in and not found locally , they sometimes refer
to it as Acetone but it can't be that as the stuff is very expensive , shelf
life of these products is only a year or so , wonder if anybody has found
something that is available and cheap that will work for Cleaner /
Accelerator for Loctite.
Phil L.
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According to Phil :
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Note that a Loctite representative who was giving a talk to our metalworking club was asked about the shelf life, and how long it *really* would last.
He explained that the shelf life on the products could be blamed on the GSA (Government Supply Agency) who does all the purchasing for the army, navy, air force, marines, and civilian branches of the Government. They *insist* on there being an expiration date, because their inventory system requires it. After the expiration date is reached, large quantities are shipped back to Loctite to be re-certified with a new expiration date. Individuals (not "blessed" with an inventory system) are free to ignore the expiration date.
Now -- I could believe that the cleaner part might well be acetone (though the spray can which I have does not *smell* like it) and normally the presence of metal ions is what starts it curing. I believe that the accelerator has some metal ions added to start it curing on things which don't have metal ions -- such as plastics.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
That doesn't seem quite right. Why don't they just put a 20 year life on it? So they can get paid to re-certify it? Then why don't they put a 1 month life on it? Just doesn't seem quite right.
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Bob Engelhardt

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