Air compressor and Hypertherm Powermax 30

I have a plan to purchase of Hypertherm Powermax 30 plasma cutter.
Can anybody recommend which air compressor is best for Powermax 30 .
Thanks in advance.
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The best one is one that will supply the amount of air that the Powermax 30 requires to run full throttle for as long as you need to cut. The CFM rating will be given in the manual. That way, you won't have to stop cutting to wait for your compressor to catch up.
That said, then you go to brand names, and different types of compressors, and other things.
If you are going to use the plasma cutter intermittently, then you can get by with just about anything that will give you enough air for say five minutes.
If you are going to hook it up to a CNC unit, such as a PlasmaCam, then you want something that will provide enough air for an hour. Hence a larger compressor, and a better one, as a lower grade will wear out in about three months of that kind of use.
And now to other things. One of the most crucial things about a plasma cutter is a dry air supply. You must be sure to have the adequate number of filters and driers. It will probably take more than one. The air must be 100% DRY!
After that, you will have to fine tune and tweak according to your specific use.
If you're looking for a number, I'd suggest you buy a compressor rated at 110% of anticipated need. If you're looking for a brand name, it's up to your pocketbook, although you can get a good used quality unit that will do the job and last for a lot less than a new one of the same flavor.
Keep us posted on how it goes. Plasma is a whole new world. CNC is like alien technology. You're gonna love it.
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Ah - PlasmaCam is a walk in the park. Just start walking in the daytime. Take notes and keep a head.
I have one.
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Anything besides an Oil less compressor that will deliver 70psi
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