Hypertherm Max20

I have a Hypertherm Max20 plasma cutter that has fried 2 resistors on
it's circut board and I need to know what their value is to replace
them. The resistors are R25 and R26 on the main PCB marked Chopper,
It's always been a great home machine and any help would be greatly
appreciated. I'm hopping that someone has the same machine and could
open it up and tell me what these 2 resistors values or color codes
Thank You Very Much
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I don't know much about electronics but I'd say that the fried resistors are a symptom of your problem, not the cause. IOW, some other failure has caused excessive current through the resistors & fried them. Something like a shorted diode, SCR, ... (?). Just replacing the resistors is likely to result in 2 more fried resistors. As far as finding the real problem, I can't help, sorry.
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Bob Engelhardt

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