Help needed identifying voltage monitor pcb

Just found this handy-looking circuit board with an IC on it, and wondered if anyone here could help me identify it. I'm planning to use it on my robot as supply protection for the pc motherboard driving it. I could go and buy a new board, but it seems a shame not to use this one...

It's a small, square and double-sided pcb, about 5cm to a side, with two three legged transistor-shaped components labelled "TICK 106D TI C" and a "TL7770-5C" voltage monitor ic mounted in between them. It's got spaces for ten resistors and two capacitors, and has external contacts labelled "0v", "+5v", "+12v", "12v fault" and "5v Fault". The top of the board is labelled "monitoring under/over voltage" and the board also has a manufacturers number 01-16865-804.

Even with all this info, I've spent ages trawling google with no luck. All I need to find out is who manufactured it, because then I can get a datasheet and find out what values of capacitors and resistors I need to add in order to make it work. Alternatively, if anyone here's used one of these before, could they possibly tell me how to use it?

Can anyone help?



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Tom McEwan
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I couldnt find much info either while doing a search on the board but theres a PDF for the TL7770-5C voltage reg and the TIC 106D is a thyristor. Both components are made by Texas Instruments.


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