Dead Plasma Cutter

I have a Harbor Freight 91814 plasma cutter. I've had it for years and
it's been great machine. I used to use it almost every day. I lent it
to a now ex-'friend' and they returned it full of metal filings and
dead. The two big resistors on the PCB that are connected to the shell
of the nozzle have arced and burned away. I was able to buy a new PCB,
but it changed slightly. I had mine so long that there was a new rev.
on the PCB. The manufacturer changed it to use a remote cement
So here's my problem. Harbor Freight cannot get the resistor. They
cannot tell me what resistance and wattage it is.
Does anyone out there own a HF 91814? If so, could you open the case
and see if your's is the on-board or remote resistor type. If it's the
remote resistor type, I need to know the resistance and wattage of the
resistor. And, where the leads from the resistor go, as mine has the
older type wiring harness and I need to update that bit of it.
If I can get this information, I can revive my happy little plasma
Thanks in Advance,
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