LPG burner questions for the gurus

I've got a couple of gas appliances which currently run at 50mBar input regulated pressure.

To comply with a local law I need to operate them at 30mBar.

I can buy a 30mBar regulator no problem.

Question: can the gas appliances run safely at 30mBar or do the jets needs to be changed to larger/smaller ones?


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And resist the urge to drill out your existing jets till you have called around for the proper replacements and/or tried other options first. It can be done with a set of number drills, but it's not easily reversible.

If you can't find replacements I'd machine a set of new jets and drill them out larger. Check the threads - they usually use standard pipe or bolt threads on the base of burner orifices, and you can use a factory made (cheap) brass plug as your starting point. Screw it into a pipe coupling or barrel nut, and then chuck that up in the lathe.

Because if the appliance is so obsolete you can't get repair parts and you drill out your only set of working jets and mess them up, and then you need to go back... that's when the fun /really/ starts.


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Bruce L. Bergman

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