Lubricant advice neded.

40 year old metal toolchest. Decent condition. Removad all drawers for cleaning etc.
What would be the correct lubricant for thr drawer glides upon reassembly?
All advice greatly appreciated.
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Ivan Vegvary
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I don't know what the "correct" lubricant would be, but I know what I would use. I'd use either "super Lube" - a silicone grease - or Fluid Film - a lanolin grease because they are the best for the application that I happen to have on hand. I'd MOST likely use the SuperLube
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Clare Snyder
A teflon dry lube won't attract dust or stain your box like oil .
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second superlube. It's cheap, clear and drawers are not anything precision. Superlube does separate easily so, don't over do it or you'll get oil creep.
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Cydrome Leader

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