Material for clamping wedges

In the ongoing saga of repairing the Elliot Sturdimill, I have found that 2
of the wedges that clamp the table swivel need replacing. These are 3/4"
round rods, milled to a flat section, approximately 3/8", with a wedge on
the lower surface. These fit into the swivel clamps and clamp the swivel
when they are forced in by a captive hollow screw on the outside of the 3/4"
dia. at the outboard end. I need to make replacements for these rods and I
was wondering what grade of steel to use; my local tooling supplier keeps
EN1A (freecutting) steel and silver steel, but I guess EN1A would be too
soft and would burr up or bend in use; the silver steel seems slightly OTT
as this is precision ground stock.
Any suggestions?
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Martin Whybrow
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Note that what the Brits call silver steel and North Americans call drill rod is about the same hardenable steel. It's what I would use, machine, harden with an oil quench and temper at the border between brown and blue.
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Ted Edwards

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