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has anyone heard of "metal supermarkets, and if so can ya give me some info on them, TIA, jimh

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There are a couple branches of a store that goes by that name here in Edmonton AB, Canada.

Well stocked. Set up to deal retail. Expensive. Really expensive, compared to full stick pricing.

On the plus sides, however, they often have usefull cutoffs and ends in their bins, priced per the pound, if you are not to fussy for the varying selection. They also will happily sell you (for semi-outrageous pricing and a cutting fee) 6 inches of something that you would otherwise have to buy a full stick of from a regular steel supplier. This can be quite cost effective, when one may not actually need 20 feet of, say, 6 inch diameter solid stock.

They will entertain hobbyists that want a bit of this and a bit of that, where some of the steel suppliers want to deal in full sticks and large quantities.

Worth the time to figure out what you need, what you have to have, and what you can afford to store for a future use, and then contact the regular steel suppliers in your area to see what it will cost to buy there instead, as well as what points the price breaks kick in for buying quantity.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

I call and ask for a price quote. The price quote is usually significantly less than the price listed on the web. Sometimes 1/2! cs

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Charles A. Sherwood

The metal supermarket in Halifax was really good. Excellent service, and the prices were reasonable, allowing for the premium for small quantities. Can't say the same for the one here in Ottawa, where I recently moved to. Really, really expensive and poor service. It's a last resort as far as I'm concerned.

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