Micro Marl 7X14 lathe delivery

I have an order in place for a Micro Mark 7X14 Lathe but have been told it is on back order.

Does anyone know where I could get one in the US, or alternatively the SIEG C3 which looks like the same lathe

Thanks Bruce Murray MA

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Bruce Murray
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I just got a Lathemaster 8x14 lathe. Here is a link to a site with a picture of a Grizzly 7x12 sitting next to a Lathemaster 8x14. it's the

7th picture down.

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When I got mine he had a few 8x14's and a few 8x30's left. On their (lathemaster) website, it says they are out of stock but, you'll need to call bob at lathemaster to find out what he has left.

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