MIG (GMAW) welding SS gas question

Greetings all,
We ran out of Ar/He (75/25 I think) mix while welding some 3/4" SS today.
The "weldor" loaded a bottle of Ar/O2(95/5). Then he wanted me to come see
how "funny" it was welding. I _know_, you are supposed to use a tri-mix, but
hey, what does it matter as long as it works, right? NOTE My last sentence
was meant to be very sarcastic, but it is also the mentality of most of my
co-workers. GGGRRR!!
OK, my question; What affect will the absence of the He and/or the
presence of the O2 have on the weld quality? It seems to be a lot hotter
weld and also a lot "smokier"
Thanks in advance,
Jim C Roberts
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Jim C Roberts
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If it is too hot you will get chromium carbide formations and lose your rust resistance.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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