Bought a drill press today

Well I bought a Delta DP300 today. my wife works at ACE Hardware and they
have an ACE drill press on sale and their brown bag sale is coming up in a
few weeks. I was looking at that one being a 10" 1/4 motor but they pointed
out that they had a Delta 12' 1/3hp in the ware house for 179.99, so I did
some looking and saw that the tool crib has it for the same price but the
S/H was 60 dollars. I will pass at that. I had some points build up with
ACE that came to 50.00 so the DP only cost me 140.00 out the door.
Sorry I do not have the room for floor models.
Now I have to build a DP stand for it. Maybe I will put the DP and bench
grinder/ wire wheel on the same stand..
Don D.
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Don D.
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You have room for a DP stand but not a floor model? GWE
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Grant Erwin
The stand will be staying outside along the side of the garage were I do most of the work, and the drill will have to come in at night so it does not end up missing at night.
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Don D.
Congrats. Drill press is a tool with possibly the biggest bang for the buck, perhaps after carpenters' knives. A huge return on investment. I must say though, that $179 for a 1/3 hp bench model seems a little steep. I bought a 3/4 HP floor model for $146 at Menards.
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