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Well I bought a Delta DP300 today. my wife works at ACE Hardware and they have an ACE drill press on sale and their brown bag sale is coming up in a few weeks. I was looking at that one being a 10" 1/4 motor but they pointed out that they had a Delta 12' 1/3hp in the ware house for 179.99, so I did some looking and saw that the tool crib has it for the same price but the S/H was 60 dollars. I will pass at that. I had some points build up with ACE that came to 50.00 so the DP only cost me 140.00 out the door.

Sorry I do not have the room for floor models. Now I have to build a DP stand for it. Maybe I will put the DP and bench grinder/ wire wheel on the same stand..

Don D.

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Don D.
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Don, I mounted my small benchtop drill press on a "swivel" table -- one side holds the drill press, and opposite it is a 12" wood planer. The table swivels on a 1" rod, and is held firmly to the frame/sides by eyebolts that can swivel out of the way to swing it, and back into place to be tightened. The frame has wheels on the back and a "trolley" system at the front to move it around the shop. It has worked well for me since I built it about 6 years ago -- I don't use the planer all that often, so mostly I leave it with the drill press up and set back against the wall. When I need to plane some lumber, I move it out, swivel the planer up (and the drill press down), lock it with the eyebolts, and start planing. I guess I should add that both the planer and the drill press are firmly bolted to the table so they don't fall off when they're hanging upside down!

I just read back through that, and am not sure how clear that is -- if it isn't, just ask and I'll try to clarify, or post a link to some pictures.


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Andrew H. Wakefield

I would not worry about the grinding dust in Don's case, he has a 12' drill press now. More than high enough away from the dust : )

Stephen R.

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