Just bought a Drill Press

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I bought it locally at our local Harbor Freight store, it was on sale
for $135 instead of $299.
I know that it is not a benchtop model, as I asked, but I figured, it
is better to buy a $135 floor model than pay $79 plus shipping for
some benchtop model. The $79 on sale 12 speed benchtop model was not
available at our local HF store.
Info from the website:
All-purpose drill press for the home or shop. Heavy duty ball bearing
motor with 16 speeds, adjustable stop and gauge. Includes oiler.
* Motor: 1 HP
Volts: 120
* Amps: 12
Speeds: 200, 290, 350, 430, 500, 580, 640, 720, 800, 870, 1440,
1630, 2380, 2540, 3600 RPM
* Table: 13-3/4'' diameter
* Spindle taper: MT 2
Spindle stroke: 2-3/4''
* Chuck capacity: 1/8"-5/8''
* Swing: 17"
Overall height: 64-7/8''
* Base size: 20-1/4'' x 13-1/2''
* Column diameter: 3-5/32''
* Shipping weight: 192 lbs.
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Congratulations! Thats a real drill press.
Now there are two more things you NEED.
A drill press vise, and a much smaller chuck.
(and a small v-block and some center drills..)
The vise is self evident, but the smaller chuck is gonna be a requirement sooner or later. If you will note..your new chuck will only hold at its smallest, a 1/8" drill bit. The jaws will not close far enough for smaller drill bits.
Id suggest a MT 2 1/4" drill chuck. They are common as dirt and not particularly desireable so they can be had for little money. Ebay is your friend here.
This one is a 3/8, which might suit your purposes well.
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If I have a spare after the Visalia show..I might be able to send you one.
Btw..I got your template today, and will start on your exhaust adapter sometime tommorow. I still need to know what size flex you are going to be using.
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for about 5 bucks, at the same HarborFright store you can pick up a set of hex shank drill bits, that include drill bits as small as 1/16th
HTH Dale
Gunner wrote in message ...
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I got a vise also, with some "feed" features. It cost $39 at HF.
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Thanks, will buy it right now.
Oh, I do not know. The diameter of the muffler's split end is
39mm ID 41.4mm OD
I want to use whatever flex pipe that fits this muffler and is widely available. Is there some more data that you need?
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I've never seen those in anything but the fractional sizes, and I use number-sized drills more often than fractional sized ones. (Most tap drills are number sizes, until you get up above 1/4" taps, at least.)
And in particular, a #60 drill bit would be difficult to hold in the larger chuck.
Though an alternative, and useful for some things, are the "sensitive drill chuck" assemblies. 1/2" shank, smaller drill chuck (3/16" or 1/8") with a ball-bearing mounted ring and a spring-loaded slide to allow you to feed it gently by hand. (Though for the really small drill bits (certainly those below #60) I use a sensitive drill press (Cameron Precision) all the way down to #80. That one has a 1/8" Alrecht chuck, and is lovely for holding those tiny drill bits.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
I am pretty upset. Instead of that 16 speed 1 HP drill press, they sold me some other drill press that has a 1/3HP motor and gets stuck drilling with like 5/16 drill bit. I asked the stupid clerk, are you sure they brought out the right box, should I check, she said she was sure. Fuck.
Fortunately, they charged me for what they actually sold. So, hopefully, I can return that press. I will make the part I want with it, and will return it.
i disappointed
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