Milling Aluminum Tube

We are milling slots into aluminum tube and are wondering what the best end mill material might be. Does anyone have any suggestions for the fastest and cleanest cutting?


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The biggest improvement to cutting aluminum is to flood it with coolant/lubricant. Various types of the stuff have differing amounts of a desire to stick to the cutter but they all have the problem. Sharp HSS cutters will do just fine and don't bother with carbide as it just doesn't sharpen quite as well as HSS.

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Bob May

Roughing type helps if you can accept the finish.

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Richard J Kinch

I would prefer carbide for aluminium. The mill has a different geometry and the flutes are polished. Flooding with coolant is a must. You have to get away the chips.


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Nick Müller

Add to that, using a high flight angle mill will help clear out all those chips more readily.

I've got only one of those, in 3/16", and it virtually makes a rain of chips when everything is cutting right. Stuff flies UP off the mill, instead of out sideways.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

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