miter gear hobbing ?

Hi everybody,

I have been reading (on the net) about gear hobbing. Seems like the way to go for homeshop gear machining. I just saw a post claiming that miter gears can be hobbed too. I did not think that possible, then I thought that probably with a conical hob and some angle it could be possible.

Has anyone done that ? miter gears with a hob ? Any practical advice ?

BTW, for many interesting gear designs have a look at this, really neat:

The method used by the author in the two above sites is very simple. I will try it out in IRIT

and see if I can design and simulate a miter gear hobbing setup.


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There's a discussion of this in "Gears and Gear Cutting" by Ivan Law. Very good book.

There's also a GREAT newsgroup on Yahoo just for gearcutting. I'd suggest you subscribe and also search their archives.


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Karl Townsend

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