Motorcycle spoke rolling machine?

Anyone have any idea of where I may be able to get hold of a machine, to roll the threads onto plain unthreaded motorcycle spokes?

Remember using a hand thread roller many years ago, but really do need a powered one, as need to make complete spoke sets, rather than just one or two to replace damaged ones.



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Rob Hart
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Have flatbed, will travel.............say, Gunner, what do you have in the way of a working milling machine? Lathe?

Mike in Bksfld.

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How about a couple nice Bridgeports, or an older but well taken care of Kasuga CNC mill. The BPs are complete with DROs and will go from $2500 and up, the Kasuga can probably be had for $5k

Rosedale hiway and Fairview.

Call Jim at 661-805-0373

He also has some lathes for sale.

Ive personally got a 13x36 Colchester round top, well tooled, with a fair amount of bed wear. Id sell it for $700 just to get rid of it, and you can pull the ways, have them reground for $500-600 and have a damned near new machine. Get yourself into a very nice machine for $1200 with steady rest, follower rest, 3 and 4 jaw chucks, 5c spindle nose and handwheel collet closer, I might even kick in a KDK QC tool holder. Its over here in Taft. and I can power it up for you no problem.

How about a Tree 300 CNC mill with possibly one bad servo? $500 and located in Palmdale. Koso International

Need any surface grinders? Ive got 2 easy project machines. $300 each OBO, your choice.

Eldorado Gun Drill?

Logan 14" lathe, Ive never turned it on. Its a tool room lath, with tailstock. $500 Missing the compound. Other compounds can be put on simply enough

You really need to come over some weekend and Ill show you Stuff.


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Will do soon........right now my dad's in ICU with a bad lung infection.........

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