need bushing for rod end

Have a bobcat and need a bushing for the rod end. the end has been voreed and an oversize bushing has been pressed in so bobcat cannot help. the outside dia is 1 5/8 inside is 1.5 about 2 inches long. are there any websites that would sell busings?

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Mc Master-Carr.

Bronze Type Length Load (P Max) Speed (V Max) Load at Speed (PV Max) Temperature Range Each Alloy 932 (SAE 660) Bronze 2" 4,000 750 75,000 +10=B0 to +450=B0 F 6381K241 $13.74 Steel-Backed Neoprene-Cushioned SAE 841 Bronze 1-1/2" 2,000 1,200 50,000 0=B0 to +225=B0 F 6364K36 9.75


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