Needing a source for abrasive cloth

This stuff goes under various names. "Diamond Dust Cloth" "Abrasive
Cloth" "Duracut Abrasive Cloth" "Duracut Abrasive Cloth"etc.
Also called "aluminum-oxide" cloth
In the pic it's the dark roll on the left:
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Not sand paper by any means.
Made , or distributed by 3M, I used to get it from Curtis Industries
Part * 89224, (180
grit) but since they pulled the local sales force, it's more difficult
to get.
The stuff isn't cheap , but to me it's worth every penny.
None of the auto parts stores in my area carry it, not even napa , even
though they have a host of 3-m products. They must have only a
selective line. Even my auto-electric suppliers have a difficult time
coming up with it.
Can you tell me a good source for it?
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I am a bit lost what you are after.
I looked up Duracut Abrasive Cloth. All mentions were Chinese. I looked up Diamond Dust Cloth and got zero hits. I told Google: aluminum oxide cloth There were many hits:
Here is one that looked promising:
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for mail order.
You mentioned 3M: At the top right you can click on where to buy or how to buy online:
If this stuff is just sanding screen, go to a local plumbing store for something like this:
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I don't know if you have or can buy from Grainger's but here are some of their's:
I know you said it is not sand paper, but if it has to do with sanding by any stretch, the folks at Klingspor are among the best:
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You might try:-
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They have always had everything that I've wanted.
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That did the trick, Dan.
That was very helpful.
Thanks again!
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You mentioned 3M: At the top right you can click on where to buy or how to buy online:
Thanks guys, you've been very helpful.
. This is exactly what I was wanting and found a local dealer too! wrote:
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