ID a piece of Pretec Electronic Gauging Equipment?

hello to the group:

can anyone ID this piece of Pretec (swiss-made) gauging equipment? the only markings are an "ms" on the front panel; some piece of thickness/surface gauging equipment? selectable for inches/um, various scales, etc.

photos here:

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unit was attached to a machining center i was told; no probes, etc. item is for sale.

tnx in advance for any info; if you want to directly email me w/ any info that is appreciated also.

tnx, barry carson city nv

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This looks like the current model of the version you have :

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It appears to be an analog readout for LVDT transducers, and can read difference between two transducers.


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Jon Elson

To paraphrase Jon - it looks like an amplifier for a gage head. I don't know aboute Pretec but the B&S versions were available with either finger or plunger style gage heads. Together, they make for a super sensitive indicator.


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Mike Henry

barry wrote in news:45A9352A.5

As Jon said, it's the amplifier/display head for a dual LVDT measuring system. You can either have 2 probes individually reading, or you can take the sum of the two. (A+B) If you want to see what a modern version of something like this looks like, go to and look at the Accusetter or Trendsetter systems.

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The nice thing is the (A-B) or difference. e.g. - room air vs. test area - the wall is withholding the value of A-B.

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Anth> barry wrote in news:45A9352A.5

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