WTB/WTT/WTS: W&S #4 Lathe Parts

need a linkage piece for a collet closer for a W&S #4 Square-Head Lathe,
and the ring w/ the two fingers mounted on the rear-end of the closer
here's a photo of the lathe:
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here's a photo of the collet closer setup w/ a W&S #3 (non-squearehead
version) linkage piece in place; you can see that it is "short" in the
area which contacts the closer itself, but gives an idea of the actual
piece that is needed: this linkage piece actually does work, but would
probably eventually provide problems after continuous production use;
the original, correct piece is what we want - obviously, if someone
wants an arm and a leg we'll just manufacture the piece but we're in a
big hurry.
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here's two photos of the linkage arm off the machine to give an idea
of it's likeness:
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in the above photo there is also a red arrow pointing to another missing
piece; here is a photo of this ring from a W&S #3 (again, non-squarehead
version) to show what it looks like - we are assuming the one we need
is fairly close to the one pictured - the ring w/ the two fingers is
what we're looking for:
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this lathe also came w/ a bunch of parts which we have no use for; will
sell, trade, etc., for parts we need. here's a boring attachment that
is on the lathe right now (the boss is keeping the actual boring bar
itself) - it looks like it needed two aluminum adapter plates to fit our
formatting link

more parts we don't need, including an unknown hydraulic chuck (no
hydraulic unit came w/ this, just what you see): i'll try to get into
the wooden box and layout all the items today or tomorrow - any collets
are being kept for our collet closer setup.
formatting link

any help on the collet closer parts would be appreciated!! anyone
have the manual on the W&S collet closer? please EMAIL replies, i don't
always get to read the newsgroup constantly!!
carson city, nv
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When the dude with the thick vietnamese accent answers..tell him Gunner referred you. He has a #4 collecting rust in the parking lot.
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Warn the poor guy to have a pot of coffee and a couple of sandwiches ready before he calls Tho! (Give Tho my best, I still owe him a care package...remind me!)
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