WTB: Rockwell Delta Toolmaker grinder parts

Picked up a pretty decent Rockwell Delta Toolmaker grinder this weekend in an auction lot that is short one minor detail. The table is missing!

Tried a few of the east coast HSM type dealers this morning on the phone and nobody had a parts machine with what I needed. So I thought I'd try the slim chance someone out there might have the appropriate table collecting dust somewhere.

This is a later model machine after the redesign in the 1960's, so the early rounder model's table won't work.

I guess if I come up craps I'll part it out when I get tired of tripping over the darned thing. Has the correct single phase motor with mag starter and the coolant attachment also.

Let me know if you've got something that might work, Dick

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Dick Streff
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I bought one of these and I really like it. Works very well in a home shop. NO my table is not FS.


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Charles A. Sherwood

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