New machine pix in drop box?

I have looked at stuff in the drop box but I don't know how to put stuff in there or the protocols for using it. Please fill me in as I would like to post a picture of a machine that should be finished in a week or so and I have spent more than a year building, between phone calls and fire extinguishing. There are a lot of cool subsystems that are "out of the box" and not much "off the shelf". Every bit of my know-how went into it and I had to learn some more. One BIG load of metalworking!!! Lots of kludges because I designed around what stock I had in the bins rather than buying a lot of stuff. I probably spent less than $1k for new stuff and scrounged the rest. It's based on a commercial brush machine frame and will make a very heavy duty "Butcher's Block" brush using flat wire. This will replace a current machine that is over 100 years old, (except anything that moves) and produce over twice the output without the highly skilled operator, it will eliminate 3 operations and cut costs by over 20% not including the overhead load. It will also cut 1.5 people that will be absorbed by other departments. We figure that it will hit the fiscal at over $40k per year! Cha-CHING!!! In retrospect, I should have done the whole project differently. I should have done the system designs with no-holds-barred, farmed out the machining, hired techs and had it on-line in less time. I ran the project like a hobby...Duhhhh. The next project starts in...a week or so. Most of the design work is done and I will do it way different. It will produce wire wheel brushes that will be higher speed rated and higher quality and cheaper and faster to make.

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I also am listening ot this one.. I am screwing up the file name ... or something. Randy

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Go back to the dropbox and click on the bar which reads:

[ Using the Dropbox ]

to read a quick summary. I would like to add some things to what it mentions. It mentions avoiding "special characters" in the names of the files uploaded (via e-mail, BTW). Included in the list of special characters should be the space character. Windows has no problem with that character, but its use makes life more difficult for users of other OS flavors, such as unix.

Use of ':' is a problem for Macintosh users (and perhaps for Windows users as well.

Use of '&' is a royal pain for unix users.

I could use '/' in file names (with a little work) on unix, but it would be a major problem on Windows. Windows might be able to use '/' in filenames (perhaps with extra work), and those would be a serious pain to unix users.

The list of acceptable non-alpha-numeric characters given in the "Using" file suggests that they be limited to '-' (hyphen or dash) and '_' (underscore). Those should work well for anyone.

The accompanying text file which explains what you have there, and why is best edited with something which doesn't hide the fact that your paragraphs turn out as a single line each. Those are hard to read in browsers, and on certain systems under certain editors or pagers. An

*ideal* document has a hard return every 80 characters or fewer, so the pager or editor doesn't wrap it perhaps by breaking a word in an awkward place at the end of the line.

I think that we all look forward to seeing what you have to post.

Enjoy, DoN.

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Keep posting yourself Don.

Don't know about the others in this group but I always find your posts on computer systems, problems, etc., to be both interesting and informative.

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Tom - try the main page -

formatting link
Using the dropbox

Basically email - have file name structure and text file...


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