New question about inner tubes

I have been out of the small tire usage for some time. I need an inner
tube for a small [4"] tire with the stem comming out to the side. The
ones that I see on EB and AZ all seem to come staight out from the
inner diameter. Is this correct or am I missing something? I rely on
the collective wisdome of the group.
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That is correct. The rim only covers the inner radius, so the stem comes out there, usually just slightly offset from the center. Some are available with bent stems, though, making them easier to air.
Tubes are crazy expensive nowadays. I ended up getting some for the front of my riding mower via Amazon, and it was like $17 for a pair. The wheelbarrow tire tube was $12 delivered from Amazon, since I have Prime.
Harbor Freight has some at $4 a pop, but they're all 8" and 10".
Clare has the right idea, too. Make sure there isn't a thorn in the tire before you put a tube in it. Also, dust the inside of the tire and outside of the tube with talc. It helps the tube slip into place better as it airs up. Hold the stem straight through the hole and air it while you hold the stem.
Gunner mentioned the gooey anti-leak, which is called Slime. It works well. I have it in all 5 of my mower and barrow tires now.
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Or possibly these?
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