Now that Smallparts is gone

Where do you buy your replacement paper shredder gears?
I inherited a stripped main helical gear in an Aurora AU1215XB
shredder yesterday. Once I got the wads of paper out, I tried it and
found that it was stripped. Looking more closely, it's about 1/3 of
the gear teeth which are gone. They did a number on it.
I googledit and pretty much got nothing. While I'm waiting to hear
back from Aurora, do you guys know of any existing small parts shops
who might stock this lovely nylon gear? It'd be a striped ass bitch
to make one on my buddy's mill, especially since I have a total of a
couple hours experience with it.
It's all Gunner's fault, not finding a teensy one I can toss in the
back of my pickemup and drag home so I can cut my eye teeth on a mill
of my own.
The drive motor of this thing looks like a small servo with a 5/32"
4-flute end mill built onto the end of the shaft. No wonder it took
off the teeth when some idiot fed in too much paper at once.
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Take a look at
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They don't sell parts, but they do have the smallparts catalog as a pdf, and they have a forum with discuss ion on where to get stuff. Much of the smallparts stuff is available from A mazon. Use the catalog to find what you want, then look for it on Amazon. I 've had pretty good success with that.
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I meant to post this when I found out about it, then forgot (it's only been 10 days).
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You may also want to try Stock Drive:
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and WM Berg (Google it).
You may be SOL unless you also replace the matching part -- gears are one of those things that are easy to custom-make if you're building over 1000 of something, and there's probably a hundred times that many little paper shredders in the world.
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Tim Wescott

Create an STL file and have one 3d printed? Or maybe this one would work:
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Leon Fisk
Maybe I'll use your plasma to make flat panels out of the utility bed and take that trailer home with me. BUT, I still don't have room for a large mill.
Aurora got back to me with a price on a gear kit, $15 shipped. Not too bad for a 32 cent plastic part.
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Larry Jaques
Ah yew a dahktah? Luer fittings and hypo syringes galore, but, alas, no shredder gears.
Egad! I'd have to disassemble and precisely measure it first to use their site. ;)
I doubt a mismatch would be the case, since it's a milled metal shaft against a nylon gear, with nylon to nylon on the secondary gear on the back, but one never knows. But with me retiring, I'm pondering the true need for a shredder in the first place. I can burn my personal papers throughout the burn season up here, so I probably won't spend even that measly $15 on the gear set. It was a fun 40-minute romp tearing apart the shredder, though. 'Tis an amazingly heavy beastie which sold for a mere $46 new.
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--Small Parts is gone but Stock Drive Products is still around.
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