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yesterday I took delivery of a new grizzly mill and lathe the first time I have had to move and setup machines that are so heavy anyway this is all new to me I got them wired up and found out break cleaner works great on the packing grease and the paint also oops :( I switched to WD40 got them all clean now I don't know what to lube them with to put it bluntly the manuals SUCK!!! the one on the lathe sucks less it does say to use some sort of mobile oil in the gear head but that is about all. both machines have little oil holes with balls in them.

so what sort of oil should I squirt in the wholes? what should I apply to the ways? and what would you recommend in the gear box? and last what should I apply to the table and other exposed machined surfaces? I could call grizzly tech support but I would rather have advise from people who use this type of equipment daily.

it should not matter but the models are mill G3016

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lathe G4016
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Use way oil on the ways, spindle oil for the spindle, and something like SAE #20 or 30 for leadscrews, bearings, etc. The way oil will also work pretty well on leadscrews, bearings, etc, in most cases.

Gear box? Oh, probably you mean the lathe QC? Hmm, depending on the design, it can vary. The gear train from the spindle can often be lubed with what is called "open gear lube" if it is open, ie. not enclosed in the headstock. That may be the best lube for the QC, as well. Does the QC have oil cups? If so, some SAE 30 in there might be good.

You might call Grizzly and ask them for lube specs that call out lubes available here in the US. I'll bet they've been asked this before.


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Jon Elson

There is a small dispenser device that you pump that pushes the oil past the small balls you speak of. Don't know the name of the tool, but any supply house should be able to provide one. I'd suggest you'd use Vactra #2, same as below.

Vactra #2 is normally used for all way surfaces on small machine tools. It is formulated to stay put, and for proper lubrication without the surfaces sticking when they should be slipping. This same oil is normally used in the dispenser described above.

I'd suggest you contact their support group for this one. My machine uses a heavy medium oil, but the requirements for yours could be different. It seems the Mobile oil they described would be the answer, though.

My machinse are in a shop that is heated and has a dehumidifier. I don't do anything to protect the surfaces, and I can leave my machines unattended for weeks on end with no trouble. If your shop is either not heated, or is subject to wild temperature swings, especially if you'll use the machines infrequently, I'd certainly use some kind of surface protection. Cosmoline works great, but it's way too messy to be used routinely. I have a hunch that Ted Edwards is going to recommend a good product. I've never had to face that problem, so I have no input for you.

That's especially good for surface protection. Might not be as good for the gear box, where it may have some specific need and it is being ignored by some. Hard to say. I'd still ask the recommendations from the dealer support group, if for no other reason, to see if there's a difference of opinion. I can't imagine the support group giving you bad information, especially if they would be responsible for any repairs due to improper usage of lubricants upon their advice.

Good luck with the machines!


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Harold & Susan Vordos

Initially you can use red transmission fluid because of its crud cutting and penetration ability. Then go to ordinary oil after a while. Oil all of the lube points, of course, but then oil the moving parts directly as possible. Many of the lube points just wick the oil gradually to a friction point, and you want to make sure it is not dry to start. Paul

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thanks for all the tips I plan to order some way oil today here in Corning AR pop 3200 I have to order everything I did call grizzly tool they said I should use non detergent 30W in the gear boxes, and on the way till I get the way oil

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