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I have several boxes of old cameras that belonged to my Father. Most
appear to be 40's-50's vintage. My Father was a photographer during
WW2 and continued into the mid 50's. Almost everything is old sheet
film, 4X5 and 3X4. Graflex Press camera with Kalart viewfinder,
several flash units, sheet film holders, tripods lenses and the works.
I really have no idea if any of it has any value and don't really want
to research it because I'd first have to learn what it all is and I
just am not interested or have the time. So, the question I pose to
y'all, what do I do with all this stuff? It would kill me to put it
out for the trash because I know my father valued it. It will also
pain me to continue to keep it and having disposal of it become
another burden on my wife when I go. Don't particularly want to pack
it all up and ship it to someone, either. It may be junk when it
arrives, but hell, it may be junk now, as well. Anyhow, I need to be
thinning my possessions and this may be a good place to start. Any
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Really suggest you put at least a bit of time into ebay and looking up values. Or find (if you still can) a local camera shop. They do still have value to some people. At the least, try to take a group shot of the stuff, post it, and see if anyone is willing to make an offer. Heck, try a posting on Craigslist, $250 for the lot and consider offers. What do you have to lose, other than time spent dealing with a few inevitable twits.
BUT... if the trashcan is the destination, I'll pay shipping and give them to my brother. He's got half his guest room filled with his oddball and vintage camera collection. Every now and then I find something strange at a yard sale cheap or in the free pile, and I pick it up and give it to him. No matter what it is, he finds space for it!
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Jon Anderson
I happen to know that the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City is looking for old photography cameras and accessories for a 2 year exhibition. Their still display would not need working units. They would appreciate and probably give the stuff a permanent home and honorable mention for the donation.
If you are interested, I will get the man's name and number. I'm sure they would be willing to pay shipping, etc.
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Ask at the local photography club. As a last resort, instead of garbage, take them to a thrift shop.
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Brian Lawson
Brian Lawson wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:
Contact these folks:
formatting link
A buddy of mine is a member, and it sounds like would be able to steer you in the best direction.
Doug White
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Doug White
As it works out, I saw a Graflex in a show last night. A fedora hat, trench coat, and Speed Graphic says "reporter" on stage. If you have a professional theater you like to support, I am sure they would be delighted to add a Speed Graphic/flash to the stock. It saves rental fees for the theater, and the theater can make a couple of bucks occasionally by renting it to other productions.
Kevin Gallimore
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In article , Gerry wrote:
There is a market in old cameras, a market that predates fleBay. One place to start is Shutterbug magazine .
Also, local camera shows usually have a section with dealers in used photo equipment.
I have personally dealt with KEH Camera with good results
But never with this Igor .
Google for "used photographic equipment for sale" to find many more.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn

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