Onan 40cck-1R genset

I picked up a Onan 4kw genny that came out of an older motor home being demolished. Seems to run fine, makes power, speeds up and down properly when loaded/unloaded.

Id like however to have manuals on wiring, plant and motor, :just in case"

Anyone have one?

Anyone have any suggestions for a fuel tank?

Im mounting this on a frame, and putting it in a permanant location next to the house, and yes...transfer switch on critical circuits

Any suggestions, links etc would be appreciated.

This has a round genny. Probably mid 1970s vintage. $150


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Standard outboard motor fuel tank? Fuel tank salvaged from a riding mower? Motorcycle tank? I expect the gen has a fuel pump so you should have a lot of flexibility.

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check out

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to see who to ask, send me a copy if you get one...

these are loud gennies

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Tune up parts

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engine parts manual
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Onan service manual is 900-0196 from Onan.

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's $15.00 from them - my manual is very readable


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