OT: Attention BP

Analysts estimate BP will wind up paying out $8,000 per barrel of oil
spilled in the Gulf. By my calculation that works out to about $20 per
shrimp not eaten.
Attention BP: please come to my house and spill a few dozen of those
barrels in my front yard. I will personally handle the cleanup and bill
Fishermen don't own the Gulf of Mexico. Why should they benefit because
it closes? They get paid for not working? Shouldn't we all get paid for
the seafood we don't get to eat? Aren't we small people too?
Will we now get paid for lost time when a car accident backs up the
These are perfect socialist remedies to the ordinary consequences of
lawful activity: confiscate the deep pockets for arbitrary and imaginary
costs to the "public". All for a glorified janitorial incident. Obama
wants to be chief janitor now.
Thank you to BP and all the other oil companies for fueling modern life
and civilization. I may like crawdads, but without them I will still
have flush toilets. Give me the oil instead.
I own beachfront property in Florida. I have dodged tarballs all my
life. I'm fine with that.
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Richard J Kinch
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The fisherman have a legitimate claim. Their fisheries are impacted and thus their livelihoods from something that should not have happened.
If in Japan, don't cause a train to stop. You are liable for the passengers time. At least that is how it was in 1977 when I was there.
Wes -- "Additionally as a security officer, I carry a gun to protect government officials but my life isn't worth protecting at home in their eyes." Dick Anthony Heller
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All those restaurants that aren't serving normal business aren't using my products fast enough. Do I have a claim?
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------------------------------------- Richard J K> Analysts estimate BP will wind up paying out $8,000 per barrel of oil
so its now lawful to ignore safety regulations? last i checked if someone showed gross negligence they were liable.
do you understand how many years this will impact the area? if they didnt use dispersants and collected and burned the oil (which is the most efficient/safest /environmentally friendly way to clean up a large spill) they will only get 30% at best, now that they have dumped dispersants in they will barely get any of it and it will take longer to clean any bit of it up and let it break down.
the fact you think this is just a glorified janitorial incident proves you have no idea what you are talking about. in fact if you had 2000 gallons of crude oil on your property to clean up you a)better have some good hazmat gear or else your going to get extremely sick just being near that much crude, better have access to an excavator and have access to a disposal facility and haz mat transportation. it would easily cost thousands of dollars to clean up one barrel on land, in the water its 1000 times worse to clean up thus more expensive.
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I don't know about how much oil we will have in the future. What we seem to have is an endless supply of people who know how I could have done it bertter. If I could only heat my house or drive my car with that.
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Denis G.

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