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I have a copy of the NEC, but I know that I NEVER find the answer there.
RCM, on the other hand, is sure to have it.
Can I run a 240v receptacle and a 120v one off the same breaker? Sized
appropriately, of course. Say a 2-pole 20A breaker, 3-wire 12ga cable,
and 20A receptacles, like this:
P1 ________________
N ........... 240v receptacle
. ____
P2 ________________|
| .
| ........
|__________ 120v receptacle
It looks OK to me, but one never knows what esoteric considerations the
NEC might make.
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Bob Engelhardt
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Look at Article 210.4, Bob. Specifically 210.4 C exception 2, which seems to allow your situation. I've done it my shop.
But circuits above ?? amps (30A?) are allowed only one recep, depending on the type of premises.
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Ned Simmons
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This is a duplex outlet with one 250V outlet and one 125V outlet. The insta llation instructions show two options - one for wiring from separate circui ts and the other with wiring from a single 250V + neutral circuit. I believ e that the separate circuit option is NOT allowed by the latest code unless the two circuits are fed by a tandem breaker. You're not allowed to shut o ff the breaker to a circuit in a box and leave another circuit in the same box powered (I'm pretty sure I read that in a "simplified" code book).
The existence of this certainly implies that it's permissible, but you ough t to check with your local inspector to make sure that there's nothing in t he LOCAL code that says otherwise. You might want to cite this device. Alte rnatively, if you don't want to talk to your inspector, you could call Levi ton customer service 800.323.8920 and ask for a pointer to the relevant cod e.
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I've done it but we never use both outlets at the same time for high current demand. If you need both to supply high current at the same time, do it differently.
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Tom Gardner
Bob Engelhardt wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@news4.newsguy.com:
Perfectly fine, as long as the two poles are tied together so that both sides of the circuit are disconnected simultaneously.
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Doug Miller
I've done the same often in R&D, especially on a 240V powered cart where I might want to use a drill motor or grinder. Which doesn't happen while the 240V is in use. A welding cart could be similar.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
I've seen workbenches plugged into 240 volt welder plug with a small sub-panel to "fuse" the 110 outlets as well as the 220 20 amp outlet for the table saw/jointer/RAS etc.
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240V electric stoves have 120V outlets.
I know Mass doesn't allow you to do your own plumbing, and thought DIY wiring was also prohibited. They once considered a bill to sell lumber only to contractors. Most of the pickup trucks in southern NH Home Depot and Lowes parking lots have Mass plates.
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Jim Wilkins

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