#OT# fuel cells

As a follow-up to information on the Bloom Cell
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It seems the Japanese have been working on the same thing and
already have it in domestic production.
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Following the success of a half-price subsidy for CO2-busting
fuel-cell heat and energy generators for homes, Japan is now
poised to ship its attention to supplying the UK and Germany with
this hi-tech next-generation energy source.
With over 5,000 fuel cells providing heat and energy for
conventional homes up and down Japan, the BBC has learnt that
companies such as electronics giant Panasonic are in talks with
EU governments about the possibility of bringing these proven
energy and carbon-saving devices to market in Europe and
Panasonic has described the interest in its commercial fuel-cell
project from the German, Korean and UK governments as "intense",
and is confident that Japan, as the first to start commercial
sales for homes last year, will be the forerunner in bringing the
technology into common use.
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