Flaps on an Ultrastick

I spent all afternoon trying to get the flaps on my Ultasick the way I want,
but didn't get it figured out. My radio is a Futaba 9C and the flaps are on
channels 5 and 7. What I want to do is put the flaps on switch C, with no
flaps when the switch is up, and 1/2 flaps and full flaps when the switch is
centered and down respectively. This is probably easier than I'm trying to
make it, but I'm getting nowhere. Has anyone done this and how'd you do it.
TIA, Paul
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I'm not familiar with that radio, Paul.
If you can't find someone to help you here, don't forget the online forums such as RC Universe, RC Groups, RC Wings, etc.
Particularly RC Universe
formatting link
. They have specialized forums that are devolated to R/C systems and electronics.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 19:39:01 -0800, "42etus" wrote in :
I have a JR 8310. I just followed the Ultrastik book religiously and accepted the way things came out.
I don't have a 9C. I think the kind of things you have to do are:
1. activate switch C
2. assign channel 5 to switch C
3. slave channel 7 to channel 5 (different mix)
4. fiddle with servo reversing to get 5 & 7 working right
5. program the three conditions you want ... but I don't know whether you do that from the Switch menu or the channel menu.
I'm moderately confident that you can get what you want because I believe that the 9C is pretty fully programmable. It's just a matter of finding the right software switches to throw.
I also don't know whether you have to disable other flap controls and other controls over the channels. I don't know what happens when one switch or knob is saying "flaps up" and another is saying "gimme some flaps."
Here is a google search that may give you some clues, too:
At any rate, it would be cool if you would post the solution here when you find it. ;o)
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
I use the right slider switch for my flaps on Telemaster Electro. Works fine. Flaperons are another story. Per Futaba there is no way you can limit the up travel using the slider so that you can get no flap action or down only. I gave up trying to set up flaperons with it.
Red S.
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Red Scholefield
Hi Paul,
You don't say whether you have a 9C Super or a plain vanilla 9C ? Flaps are brain damaged on the Futaba 9C/9C Super but you should be able to get what you want.
Assuming you have a 4 servo wing (2 flap servos + 2 aileron servos) :
First you need to go into AUX to set the control for flap (aux 6) to NULL so it is not controlled by any slider or knob. Then you need to set up P-MIXes to be controlled by your switch. This is done using the "OFFSET" function as the MASTER and the flap channel as the SLAVE. You enter the required servo position as the OFFSET value and make it dependant upon the switch position by selecting the switch and position. You may need a P-MIX for each flap servo or you might be able to control both with a single mix by setting LINK to ON, depending upon which MODEL (WING) TYPE you have set up. Assuming the LINK trick works you will need 2 P-MIXes, one for the CENTRE switch position and one for the DOWN position. Otherwise you will need 4, one pair for each flap servo.
As an aside, to save you effort, in my experience it's a waste of time trying to get the sliders working with flaps on the 9CS because the slider centre position cannot be re-assigned. This means the flaps must move from up to down (not from centre to down) with full slider movement.
Further elaborations are possible (like having flaps move with ailerons when the switch is in the UP position) but I'd get the basics going first if I were you.
My US40 had such extreme pitch/yaw/roll coupling that I ended up using all the mixes in the radio. I'd just about got it set up to behave reasonably neutrally when I twatted it. Sigh. The moral being : don't use up all your mixes on the flaps. The other moral being : next time you build a US save some weight, money and your receding hairline by building it with a 2 servo wing.
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AFAIK the only way to do that is by offsetting the servo arm so the servo centre position gives partial flaps instead of neutral flap position. Of course, as you state, this precludes coupling ailerons into the flap movement to give flaperons.
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There are comprehensive instructions available for this from one or two websites, and one set I had was in Excel format - I will try to unearth them and get back to you here. I have my US set up with flaps and crow mode on my 9C, but I did not figure out how to do so myself.. the flaps work nicely, but I have only full on or off spoilers (i.e. both ailerons up). Still the config works fine. The flaps are proportional on one of the sliders.
Mike D.
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Suggest you buy Harry Higby's book. Its about 20 bucks and explains everything you will ever wantto know about the 9C Super.
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Actually, I have his book. I find it somewhat better than the Futaba manual, but it certainly doesn't explain everything, and is quite vague on doing what I'm trying to do. I spent last night getting some ideas from some posts on RC Universe and I'll try them today. I'll post back if I'm successful. Paul
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You may want to try this from Tower:
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It's a book written by Annmarie Cross for your radio. Everything I've read from her is really clear. I have a computer radio from Futaba and the instructions were lousy. I bought a book from an author in San Diego, yes he's a rocket scientist, and it had step by step instructions to do most stuff I wanted to do. I'm on vacation and can't get my hands on it (a lot of good that does you!). Any way, buy a book for the computer radio you have.
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Don and Marion
I found this on RC Universe
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tried it and everything works just the way I wanted. As I originally suspected, I was trying to make the whole thing too complicated. This does the job without any mixes! Thanks to all that offered suggestions, Paul
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