futaba 6EXA radio

Anyone familiar with futaba 6EXA radio? I'm trying to set channel 6 flaps. When i turn the knob on th etop of the transmitter the flaps go up instead of down. I need to reverse the servos but the radio will only let you reverse channels 1 - 4...Also, how do you use the flaps in flight, i've never flown a plane that you can use the ailersons as flaps..

Thanks in advance... Jeff

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Put your flap pushrod on the other side of the servo wheel? That's an easy solution if your plane has separate flaps and ailerons. Are you going to use ailerons as flaps (flaperons)? Be careful with flaperons. Flaps increase lift, but they also increase drag, and both ailerons going down will also increase the chance of a tip stall.


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Morris Lee

Not on my 6EXA. Reverse is available (on the menu at least) on all 6 channels.

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My 6EXA allows me to reverse all 6 channels... hope this helps =)


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Scott Macleman

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