OT - Jobs lost

Notice the jobs lost before Nov. 6th, at the most 1 place per day.
Yesterday, 17 places cutting jobs, many others closing, the day before 15
places cutting jobs, others closing.
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Thanks Voters - We told you so!
Laugh.. laugh.. laugh...
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Depressing information. I did note one non problem for today 11/15 in my part of the world. The folks laid off in Crookston, ND will need at least 15 minutes to get another job. ND is home to one of the most active new oil patches in the world. If you can pass a drug test, there are plenty of great paying jobs to be had. No place to live though. Many young men in my area are living out of cars, trailers, tents, etc. out there and come back home on days off.
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Karl Townsend
But but...its Bush's fault!!
The next 4 Obama Christmas's will be absolutely fascinating, assuming there are any Leftwingers alive for them.
Which I seriously doubt.
The methodology of the left has always been:
1. Lie 2. Repeat the lie as many times as possible 3. Have as many people repeat the lie as often as possible 4. Eventually, the uninformed believe the lie 5. The lie will then be made into some form oflaw 6. Then everyone must conform to the lie
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