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My guesses, from left to right:

1) Boring head 2) Small punch and die 3) Straight edge


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Mike Henry
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Bought a box of tools on eBay the other day. The box belonged to a tool and die maker who worked at Pratt and Whitney, with some tools, such as small NS taps, dating back to WWII and earlier (he put his name and a date on tooling he made himself). After taking what I can use, I'm going to put the rest up on eBay, not because there's much money in it but because I hate throwing out something that others can put to use.

Anyhow, there are three things I can't identify. A picture is at:

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The left hand item, which may be special-purpose tooling, is a form of collet chuck that can be finely adjusted off-center. Has a 0.309 dia removable collet. 0.5 in shank.

There were a bunch of things like those in the middle, with small shanks of various sizes and holes of various sizes. They appear precision ground. Some have the small end as square or hex. I don't know if the one standing upright with the hole in it goes with the others -- the seller just dumped the contents of the drawers into big boxes :-(

The object on the right is 4.5" long x 0.75" high. The cross-section is shown in the inset. It's by Brown and Sharpe, part number 530 (Googling drew a blank). The point is very sharp and was protected with a cool little crocheted bootie.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.



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... is a boring head. A very small one.

... and is a straight edge. For checking flatness of surfaces.


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Nick Müller

They appear to be a boring head, edge finder, and straightedge.

Kevin Gallimore

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Part of a bevel protractor? they sometimes have "legs" in different lengths


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Hans van Dongen

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